Session 9, Summer Solstice

Wisp and Graves were assigned to assist the Hex Squad during the summer solstice, as many of the regular members had been reassigned in anticipation of pending hostilities with New Mackinize.

Shortly after arriving at Hex Squad HQ, aka The Complex, they left with Major Drogon a.k.a. “D” in command and Maxwell J. Carter piloting their transport.

7th Session
We burned the room to the ground (and then some)

The final, epic session in the [redacted] campaign.

[details go here]

6th Adventure
Mother's Den

The team gathered multiple VTOL’s and equipment for an extended search in the area known as the general coordinates of Mother’s Den. After setting up a series of observation posts the team began an intense search on foot for anything that indicated the location of Mother’s Den.

After several days of searching on foot in a circling pattern the team setup for long term observation of a potential location. After a period of time the team observed activity which indicated what was likely an old pre-Cataclysm installation rife with activity.

The team continued searching and found an air shaft that led into the facility. Our team came under fire from guards in concealment. After Wisp successfully executed a Charm spell our team was able to subdue the guards and gather information.

We descended into the airshaft and after disabling various fans and security mechanisms. Or so we thought… after entering a door into the facility we were met by an evil Cyber-Knight and a multitude of security guards. Given the choice of surrender or death, the team opted for full combat.

After MANY grenades thrown by the team and a large exchange of fire, several of the security guards were taken down. Drogan and the Cyber-Knight exchanged many blows with Graves adding his skill to the combat as well. The Cyber-Knight’s powers to influence electronic devices had a highly adverse affect on Drogan’s cyber-systems. After nearly feeling steel on flesh Drogan and Graves weakened the Cyber-Knight sufficient for Wisp to deliver the killing shot.

Our team now has to decide how they will proceed now that the facility is likely on full alert.

4th Adventure
Counting Sheep

The party waited on more information while they tended to personal affairs.

Wisp Returned to her apartment in Freedock only to find it being staked out by a agent from the Vampire Kingdoms. She spent some time there in the past, and they wanted her to return to their service. As a show of good faith, the agent provided Wisp with a vial of vampire blood. The blood, as she understood it, would provided a short term boost to her powers.

Wisp contacted Graves about the situation. Graves contacted Clave Law Enforcement to have the agent “picked up”. While none of the group, except possibly Graves, knows what became of the agent, it was alluded to that his fate would be unpleasant.

Maxwell was settling into the laboratory the team discovered and overtook in the last adventure.

Major Drogon took the opportunity to return to his farm to check on things. His timely arrived allowed him to defend his home from an attack by some diabolic D-Bee rams and sheep. Drogon realized it would be beneficial to have more people on hand that could handle those types of situations and that it would be useful for the team to have a headquarters somewhere outside the city. For these reasons, he offered to build a facility for the team on his farm.

3rd Adventure
Realestate Invetigations

After securing the warehouse the team discovered that Tesla Recoil owned several other properties in the city. Lt Finder, Psi stalker for the Clave, summoned Drogan and Maxwell to General Brighton’s office.

Maxwell discovered that the program manager of his Scalar project eventually followed him to the “parallel” dimension he got stuck in and arrived well before Maxwell. Capt Luther Norway, now Colonel, has been serving the Council for many years and keeping an eye open for Maxwell. Colonel Luther revealed that Maxwell is most likely Psychic as the advanced computer resources and algorithms used only solved half the processing necessary for the Scalar project to work. Maxwell’s own brain, a brain that has Psychic potential, solved the rest. The conversation left Maxwell both disturbed as well as thoughtful about his current situation.

Five sites were investigated. One vehicle recharging station reveals a barracks with old issue Coalition gear suitable for 20 personnel. Another location revealed a simple office, which is probably a front for the people the team is pursuing. The other vehicle recharging station revealed the very high tech lab as seen by a captured refugee’s memory with some members of the Yosh expeditionary party that went missing.

Thanks to Wisps quick thinking and use of a Charm spell, a Psi-Stalker with intentions of leading us into a trap with a heavy assault Borg was thwarted. The team managed to call the Alpha VTOL squad to cause a diversion with the Borg while they flanked the aforementioned charging facility. The team managed to breach the facility, save some of the Yosh, discovered a Techno-Mage’s dimensional portal but lost the opportunity to stop a Coalition sky cycle with an additional passenger.

It is suspected that several Yosh prisoners were moved from the facility by way of the portal and that the individual(s) escaping have direct involvement in what is happening.

Lord Stillwater has not yet been found, concerns of a Coalition McKenzie infiltration, and Maxwell’s future concern the team.

2nd Adventure
The Katzenberger Property

After performing the initial investigation of the confinement chamber, Drogan and Graves started using military resources such as records research and a forensics team to get more information regarding the locale.

A Dr. Katzenberger once owned the property as well as another bio/med laboratory within town. The doctor had been banished by the council due to unethical and dangerous experiments using biological weapons. By all appearances either the doctor has returned or someone trying to implicate the doctor has resumed his preferred method of research/warfare.

The Psi division of the military was able to extract a memory from one of the victims which showed not only a highly complex laboratory but the identify of a well known and missing Yosh “lord”. A Yosh adventure party was assumed missing, due to lack of basic communications, which comprised a Okami Morohei (Lor Stillwater). The same Yosh seen in the memory scan.

The team’s mage identified very evil beings in close proximity to the party. The team followed the evil beings to a warehouse owned by a Tesla Recoil. The warehouse was using a large volume of power in excess of expectations. The warehouse was once owned by a local narcotics dealer, had been siezed by the Council and resold to this Tesla Recoil, a non-Clave member.

The team eventually breached the facility only to find a nice green house full of tasty vegetables. At some point the team’s entry activated dormant Coalition Skelebots and battle ensued. Luckily the team was able to call upon the Alpha VTOL team Drogan had on stand-by and the Skelebots were dispatched.

1st Adventure
The Beginning

The players eventually meet after their converging paths intersect. Maxwell, a scientist, arrives at the Clave after traveling great distances with a band of Tolkein refuges barely escaping capture by the Coalition. Wisp, a Shifter, performs a job for a customer only to meet up with Graves, M.O.M. conversion. Graves turns out to be a hired gun for the Clave Council. Drogan provides military liason for the group and the adventure begins.

Maxwell finds some of his fellow refugees missing and seeks assistance in finding them.

The party is meeting at the Flop House, a large overnight stay hotel, when a crash outside coupled with a diseased refugee, who happens to be one of Maxwell’s missing friends, bursts through the door. The refugee turns out to have a very advanced form of bubonic plague coupled with small pox. The crash outside is a nuclear powered vehicle that is about to overload.

With Maxwell’s assistance, powering down the vehicle, Wisp, Graves, and Drogan secure the scene and start investigating this strange scenario. The other missing refugees are discovered in the damaged vehicle only to be found dead.

The team surveyed the surrounding area only to find the origination of the vehicle and stumbled upon a Hell Cat. A battle ensued with the Hell Cat eventually being dispatched. All team members learned something about each other as well as the pros/cons of using various weapon types in close quarters. Maxwell learned the value of the more advanced weaponry in the Rifts universe as well.

The Hell Cat’s “lair” was really a confinement area that appeared to have held the refugees, the captor’s intent being to force the refugees to leave the area (infected) or face the wrath of the Hell Cat. The refugees optioned to leave and unwittingly spread a potentially dangerous disease.


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