2nd Adventure

The Katzenberger Property

After performing the initial investigation of the confinement chamber, Drogan and Graves started using military resources such as records research and a forensics team to get more information regarding the locale.

A Dr. Katzenberger once owned the property as well as another bio/med laboratory within town. The doctor had been banished by the council due to unethical and dangerous experiments using biological weapons. By all appearances either the doctor has returned or someone trying to implicate the doctor has resumed his preferred method of research/warfare.

The Psi division of the military was able to extract a memory from one of the victims which showed not only a highly complex laboratory but the identify of a well known and missing Yosh “lord”. A Yosh adventure party was assumed missing, due to lack of basic communications, which comprised a Okami Morohei (Lor Stillwater). The same Yosh seen in the memory scan.

The team’s mage identified very evil beings in close proximity to the party. The team followed the evil beings to a warehouse owned by a Tesla Recoil. The warehouse was using a large volume of power in excess of expectations. The warehouse was once owned by a local narcotics dealer, had been siezed by the Council and resold to this Tesla Recoil, a non-Clave member.

The team eventually breached the facility only to find a nice green house full of tasty vegetables. At some point the team’s entry activated dormant Coalition Skelebots and battle ensued. Luckily the team was able to call upon the Alpha VTOL team Drogan had on stand-by and the Skelebots were dispatched.



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