4th Adventure

Counting Sheep

The party waited on more information while they tended to personal affairs.

Wisp Returned to her apartment in Freedock only to find it being staked out by a agent from the Vampire Kingdoms. She spent some time there in the past, and they wanted her to return to their service. As a show of good faith, the agent provided Wisp with a vial of vampire blood. The blood, as she understood it, would provided a short term boost to her powers.

Wisp contacted Graves about the situation. Graves contacted Clave Law Enforcement to have the agent “picked up”. While none of the group, except possibly Graves, knows what became of the agent, it was alluded to that his fate would be unpleasant.

Maxwell was settling into the laboratory the team discovered and overtook in the last adventure.

Major Drogon took the opportunity to return to his farm to check on things. His timely arrived allowed him to defend his home from an attack by some diabolic D-Bee rams and sheep. Drogon realized it would be beneficial to have more people on hand that could handle those types of situations and that it would be useful for the team to have a headquarters somewhere outside the city. For these reasons, he offered to build a facility for the team on his farm.



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