Major Drogon a.k.a. "D"

Full light conversion Cybord OCC


Brown hair, military regulation with a goatee. Drogan’s facial features are somewhat angular and he is very muscular in appearance, however he isn’t bulbous. Even Drogan’s face shows detailed musculature.

Drogan originates from the Clave. His parents were farmers in the outlying community who were killed during a Rift invasion.

Drogan is the XO of the Hex Squad, a unit dedicated to monitoring and intercepting incursions from a local Ley Line Nexus several miles outside of the city proper. Drogan is totally devoted to the Clave and his fellow soldiers.


Drogan’s parents were farmers near Nexus Town. A Rift opened and something “terrible” came through. Drogan’s memory of what exactly came through the Rift is unclear but while he was saved his parents were not. Drogan was taken into the Clave’s system for orphans and soon found an affinity for the military. After learning everything he could about military life he joined as early as possible.

Having shown at least slightly above average intelligence and an impressive will to “accomplish the mission” he was given a chance at OCS and took it. Drogan’s training focused on getting into a target location quickly (motorcycle/snowmobile), executing the mission (explosives) and getting out. Drogan has also taken Sniper training. His familiarity WP in M.D. Weapons is focused on fire support missions of other special operatives. Drogan can repair just about any mechanical weapon system he encounters.

After a near death experience with a demon, only to be saved by DB’s from Yoshugoku he has since acted as a liason with the DB’s from Yoshugoku for the military. He personally trained with several sword masters greatly improving his technique and has taken to a Yoshugoku form a dance with the sword which is both for entertainment as well as training.

After realizing that a normal human had no chance against those entities that would see the Clave fall and heavy consultation with General Brighton he readily accepted a full Borg conversion with the agreement that he would retain core organs and his skin and muscle. Drogan is now more akin a Terminator (note that Drogan is covered head to toe in his own skin and muscle, its everything underneath that is different) than man, however he retains his special forces training and continues to act as liason to the Yoshugoku. The Yoshugoku were at first aghast at this “transformation” however they understand Drogan’s desire to both serve and protect.

Drogan is no longer allowed to enter Yoshugoku lands due to his transformation.

Transforming into a full-fledged obvious Borg could be an option in the future but he sees himself as more of an “operative” than a frontline tank.

Drogan recently purchased a small farm in between Nexus Town and the Clave. Originally a potato farm, Drogan is trying to maintain his humanity by embracing a lifestyle, farmer, that his parents had. Drogan loves the idea of being a retired military officer on a small (working, meaning somewhat profitable) farm and being prepared to defend his land.

The expenditure of savings and state of the farm mean Drogan can afford a few workers but is seriously lacking on both the repair and security of the farm. Recent adds in a few of the local advertisements are intended to attract someone looking for low rent, lots of space, and a willingness to “pitch in” when help is needed.

Drogan is the XO of Hex-Squad in Nexustown.

Major Drogon a.k.a. "D"

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