Welcome adventurers!

You have entered the world of Rifts playing in the “Clave”. The Clave is a city founded some time back, either right after the Time of Rifts up through about one years after that. The Clave claims its official age is 206 years old. Situated in the mountains of the new Pacific coast, it started as a last stand for a pre-Rift battalion of Canadian troops fleeing the Xiticix.

Eventually the army unit merged with the local population after providing defense from an assault by DB’s. The continue onslaught of the DB’s forced the entire populace into the mountains. The retreat continued until the trailblazers stumbled upon an ancient burial ground. Feeling it an appropriate place to make a final stand, they chose not to violate the graveyard and instead bunkered down to die. As they prepared to be overwhelmed by waves of demons and Xiticix, a torrent of anthropomorphic animals, armed with Oriental weapons, swarmed out of the cave and ignoring the humans attacked the invaders.

The savior turned out to be a DB army from a large, near-permanent rift inside caves near the graveyard. The DB’s are known as the Yoshugoku and are magical (MDC) creatures here on earth.

The humans and Yoshugoku have a strong relationship and treaty of trade as well as mutual defense. For years this relationship has fostered and continues today. This relationship and culture, the city and Rift is known as “The Clave”.


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