1st Adventure

The Beginning

The players eventually meet after their converging paths intersect. Maxwell, a scientist, arrives at the Clave after traveling great distances with a band of Tolkein refuges barely escaping capture by the Coalition. Wisp, a Shifter, performs a job for a customer only to meet up with Graves, M.O.M. conversion. Graves turns out to be a hired gun for the Clave Council. Drogan provides military liason for the group and the adventure begins.

Maxwell finds some of his fellow refugees missing and seeks assistance in finding them.

The party is meeting at the Flop House, a large overnight stay hotel, when a crash outside coupled with a diseased refugee, who happens to be one of Maxwell’s missing friends, bursts through the door. The refugee turns out to have a very advanced form of bubonic plague coupled with small pox. The crash outside is a nuclear powered vehicle that is about to overload.

With Maxwell’s assistance, powering down the vehicle, Wisp, Graves, and Drogan secure the scene and start investigating this strange scenario. The other missing refugees are discovered in the damaged vehicle only to be found dead.

The team surveyed the surrounding area only to find the origination of the vehicle and stumbled upon a Hell Cat. A battle ensued with the Hell Cat eventually being dispatched. All team members learned something about each other as well as the pros/cons of using various weapon types in close quarters. Maxwell learned the value of the more advanced weaponry in the Rifts universe as well.

The Hell Cat’s “lair” was really a confinement area that appeared to have held the refugees, the captor’s intent being to force the refugees to leave the area (infected) or face the wrath of the Hell Cat. The refugees optioned to leave and unwittingly spread a potentially dangerous disease.



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