3rd Adventure

Realestate Invetigations

After securing the warehouse the team discovered that Tesla Recoil owned several other properties in the city. Lt Finder, Psi stalker for the Clave, summoned Drogan and Maxwell to General Brighton’s office.

Maxwell discovered that the program manager of his Scalar project eventually followed him to the “parallel” dimension he got stuck in and arrived well before Maxwell. Capt Luther Norway, now Colonel, has been serving the Council for many years and keeping an eye open for Maxwell. Colonel Luther revealed that Maxwell is most likely Psychic as the advanced computer resources and algorithms used only solved half the processing necessary for the Scalar project to work. Maxwell’s own brain, a brain that has Psychic potential, solved the rest. The conversation left Maxwell both disturbed as well as thoughtful about his current situation.

Five sites were investigated. One vehicle recharging station reveals a barracks with old issue Coalition gear suitable for 20 personnel. Another location revealed a simple office, which is probably a front for the people the team is pursuing. The other vehicle recharging station revealed the very high tech lab as seen by a captured refugee’s memory with some members of the Yosh expeditionary party that went missing.

Thanks to Wisps quick thinking and use of a Charm spell, a Psi-Stalker with intentions of leading us into a trap with a heavy assault Borg was thwarted. The team managed to call the Alpha VTOL squad to cause a diversion with the Borg while they flanked the aforementioned charging facility. The team managed to breach the facility, save some of the Yosh, discovered a Techno-Mage’s dimensional portal but lost the opportunity to stop a Coalition sky cycle with an additional passenger.

It is suspected that several Yosh prisoners were moved from the facility by way of the portal and that the individual(s) escaping have direct involvement in what is happening.

Lord Stillwater has not yet been found, concerns of a Coalition McKenzie infiltration, and Maxwell’s future concern the team.



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