A lethal Crazy who's not crazy... yet.


Resource Evaluation: Graves, Joseph

Graves is intelligent, resourceful, and ruthless. He scored highly in most aptitude tests, though his literacy and mathematical failings may hamper his usefulness. However, his psychic abilities may counteract this, provided he has a support staff. The Military Evaluation Aptitude Test net score ranks Graves as ‘Highly Effective with Moderate Reservations’, or standardized to reflect a ‘Moderately Effective’ total evaluation.

Test Scores:
IQ: 19 – Graves is highly intelligent. This level of ability is not often seen in M.O.M. conversions, as most similarly ranked persons typically pursue more cerebral life choices.
ME: 21 – Graves displays a high level of adaptability to rapidly changing circumstance, and despite his experiences, displays no signs of PTSD or true sociopathy. Compared to other M.O.M. conversions, Graves is highly exceptional.
MA: 10 – Graves has not exceeded or strongly failed any interaction tests. He does not display particular charisma or lack thereof. Graves is considered normal in this respect.
PS: 25 – Graves is well above normal human levels of strength, but scores at the low end of expectations for an M.O.M. conversion.
PP: 21 – Graves is well above normal human levels of prowess, but scores only moderately above the median of expectations for an M.O.M. conversion.
PE: 23 – Graves is in exceptional health for a normal human, but scores only moderately above the median of expectations for an M.O.M. conversion.
PB: 11 – Graves’ appearance is marked by numerous presumably distinctive scars. While clearly a drawback for clandestine performance, focus groups exhibited no particular preference or revulsion for his features, and showed no particular recollection of Graves’ features during testing.
Spd: 38 – Graves has demonstrated running speeds well beyond human capabilities, but this ability seems more a result of focused skill sets rather than natural ability augmented by the M.O.M. conversion. Compared to other M.O.M. conversions, Graves ranks only slightly above median.


Psi Deep Scan Results:
Results confirm Graves’ assertions. He has been expertly Mind-Wiped, leaving no hidden programming the Psi-team was able to discern. His recollection of his conversion events indicates he awoke during late process reprogramming, before personality implanting. He’s mostly tabula rasa, aside from what he’s learned from his days as a mercenary. However, the Psi-Team expresses a reservation. In similar Mind-Wipe situations, typical subjects tend to exhibit a moral code similar to their previous beliefs (a situation lending credence to the hypothesis that morality exists in the same deep brain structures as language, and therefore immune to amnesia/frontal cortex failure). Subject recalls his escape from the facility near perfectly, and is seemingly unaffected by events during his escape. While understandable, subject did not seek to flee the situation, but once gaining control of the environment, stalked and killed his captors without remorse or reservation.

Personality Evaluation
Graves demonstrates an ESTP personality, highly suited for an investigator. While Extroverted, Graves demonstrates a clear preference to interact from a position of strength, demanding he control the situation. Lacking the charisma to do so peacefully, he will default to a position of intimidation.

Beyond this, Graves is a person who relies on evidence and data, preferring concrete facts to hunches and guesses. He values observation over feelings, and is unlikely to act on a ‘hunch’.

Evaluation suggests Graves’ personality archetype is more susceptible to corruption than usual. However, there are a number of counter-examples, indicating the personality archetype lends itself towards extremism.

Graves is considered a highly organized, moderately antisocial, highly analytical archetype. He displays consistently low empathy for strangers, but high regard for data and information. However, Graves has indicated a strong pack-mentality. This combination leads the Psychological Division to recommend Graves be considered for candidacy so long as Graves can be convinced to identify with an immediate peer group. Graves will fight for and defend what he considers ‘his’, and will support an objective law system so long as he sees it as beneficial.

Graves is Aberrant.

Psychic Evaluation
Graves possesses minor psychic powers, typical of an M.O.M. conversion. Graves has demonstrated three distinct powers, standard for conversion. He has shown a distinct danger premonition (Sixth Sense), along with Speed Reading and Total Recall. Testing has indicated Graves’ psychic reserves are quite high compared to the drain from any of his powers.

Graves is a practicalist, and a passive one at that. He’s unlikely to offer advice unless directly asked, and perhaps not even then. He has no need for riches or glory, and is inclined to indulge his apathy when possible. However, once engaged, Graves becomes hyper-focused. He becomes nearly obsessive in his pursuit of the difficulty, leading to a near bi-polar aspect. He is not a natural commander.

Counteracting Graves involves paralyzing him with minor obligations, constantly distracting him from his purpose. Under no circumstances should Graves be cornered, or otherwise put in a position where he feels his only option out is to go through someone else.

Graves is not a sociopath. While he rarely identifies with a random other person, he is capable of forming lasting bonds and can demonstrate empathy. Despite his tabula rasa, he consistently demonstrates behavior of an isolated special forces soldier (likely officer).


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