Maxwell J. Carter

A rogue scientist from Earth's past.


Race: Human
OCC: Rogue Scientist
Level: 2
Alignment: Scrupulous

IQ: 27
ME: 19
MA: 11
PS: 9
PP: 15
PE: 20
PB: 11
SPD: 13


Skill Name Total Add OCC Category
Language: English 98 3 O.C.C. Communications
Language: Spanish 85 3 O.C.C. Communications
Language: Techno-Can 85 3 O.C.C. Communications
Language: Euro 85 3 O.C.C. Communications
Literacy: English 92 5 O.C.C. Communications
Literacy: Spanish 82 5 O.C.C. Communications
Computer Operations 92 5 O.C.C. Technical
Astronomy & Navigation 77 5 O.C.C. Science
Basic Math 92 5 O.C.C. Science
Advanced Math 92 5 O.C.C. Science
Basic Electronics 67 5 O.C.C. Electrical
Find Contraband 52 4 O.C.C. Rogue
Pilot: Automobile 84 2 O.C.C. Pilot
Radio: Basic 67 5 O.C.C. Communications
Recycle 67 5 O.C.C. Domestic
Salvage 72 5 O.C.C. Technical
Artificial Intelligence 65 3 Related Science
Astrophysics 65 3 Related Science
Archaeology 67/57 5 Related Science
Paramedic 67 5 Related Medical
Brewing: Medicinal (58% quality) 52 5 Related Medical
Computer Programming 67 5 Related Technical
Jury Rig 57 5 Related Technical
Basic Mechanics 52 5 Related Mechanical
Weapons Systems 67 5 Related Pilot
Pilot: Hovercycle 91 3 Related Pilot
Prowl 42 5 Related Physical
Combat Driving - Secondary Pilot
Astronomy & Navigation 52 5 Secondary Science

“My name is Maxwell Carter, an explorer, scientist. I’m lost. I traveled through a dimensional rift. We thought it lead to another world, but we were wrong. Now I’m the future of my own world, but its so alien to me… I’m trying to stay alive. Help me, please! If you get this message… its not safe here. I’m doing everything I can. I’m just looking for a way home.”

Originally, Project: Strider was an attempt at spacial tunneling with the goal of creating “portals” to other habitable exoplanets. Once the tech was working, they started sending probes through and originally thought they had met success beyond their wildest dreams. Soon they came to realize that something wasn’t right. Maxwell was intended to be the first human to take the Scalar through the portal. It was his theory that had brought them this far, and with his prior military service, he was not a bad choice. So, on December 16, 2016, he flew his Scalar through a portal and disappeared before the eyes of his watching parents, friends, and many others.

When he emerged, instead of the tranquil landscape of an uninhabited alien world, he found himself in the middle of a raging battle. A Coalition contingent had stumbled across a group of refugees from Tolkeen that were heading to the Clave. His Scalar was damaged and crashed. Coalition troops rounded him up along with the surviving refugees, assuming he was one of them. Luck and a little daring later, they had managed to escape. Maxwell kept the pistol he took from a Coalition officer during the escape.

The refugees were distrustful of him, and one of them attempted some sort of mind probe to try and determine if Maxwell was some sort of spy. That answer was quickly determined to be no, however, the link turned out to be two way (which was a surprise to the psi and to Carter). He was privy to all the psychic knew, some of which faded quickly, some of which has lasted several weeks.

He was able to grab some survival gear from the Scalar’s wreckage before they were forced to flee. Along the way, he managed to acquire some more contemporary gear. He tagged along with the surviving refugees and has just arrived at the Clave.



Maxwell is a man of principle and conviction and is prepared to risk and sacrifice himself and his friends (provided they are willing to help) for what he believes in. He is a naturally upbeat man, constantly making jokes and looking on the bright side. It seems that his pop culture laden references are a way of putting his unfamiliar surroundings into perspective, giving something he doesn’t recognize a comprehensible label. His hope for the future is the main thing that gets him through the day.

He also is a very intelligent man and despite the advanced technology of his new surroundings he often proves to know and understand more theoretical physics than most of his companions.


His main goal at the moment is to find a way home. Given sufficient time and supplies, he thinks he could build the necessary equipment to open a rift back to his own time. However, the supplies he needs are not easy to come by in this new world. If he could get his hands on his Scalar, he could probably repair it, but its many miles away and, he fears, in the hands of the Coalition.

Maxwell J. Carter

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