6th Adventure

Mother's Den

The team gathered multiple VTOL’s and equipment for an extended search in the area known as the general coordinates of Mother’s Den. After setting up a series of observation posts the team began an intense search on foot for anything that indicated the location of Mother’s Den.

After several days of searching on foot in a circling pattern the team setup for long term observation of a potential location. After a period of time the team observed activity which indicated what was likely an old pre-Cataclysm installation rife with activity.

The team continued searching and found an air shaft that led into the facility. Our team came under fire from guards in concealment. After Wisp successfully executed a Charm spell our team was able to subdue the guards and gather information.

We descended into the airshaft and after disabling various fans and security mechanisms. Or so we thought… after entering a door into the facility we were met by an evil Cyber-Knight and a multitude of security guards. Given the choice of surrender or death, the team opted for full combat.

After MANY grenades thrown by the team and a large exchange of fire, several of the security guards were taken down. Drogan and the Cyber-Knight exchanged many blows with Graves adding his skill to the combat as well. The Cyber-Knight’s powers to influence electronic devices had a highly adverse affect on Drogan’s cyber-systems. After nearly feeling steel on flesh Drogan and Graves weakened the Cyber-Knight sufficient for Wisp to deliver the killing shot.

Our team now has to decide how they will proceed now that the facility is likely on full alert.



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