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  • Scalar (Project Strider Craft)

    h2. Background Scalar is the name of the special vehicles built for [[Project Strider | Project Strider]]. They are capable of flight, VTOL, surprisingly maneuverable in the air, and perhaps most importantly, rift generation. When Maxwell attempted …

  • Vehicles

    These are the various vehicles mentioned and used in the campaign. [[Scalar (Project Strider Craft) | Scalar (Project Strider Craft)]] used by [[:maxwell | Maxwell J. Carter]] to travel from the year 2016 to present day.

  • Armored APC

    The Clave makes use of two slightly different airborne armored personnel carriers (APC), the Zephyr and the Torrent. They are essentially the same vehicles, with extra armor and missile launchers added to the Torrent Heavy APC. Both are VTOL, but the …