During the formation of the Clave, two problems were prominent in the minds of the ‘norms’: “What are we going to do with these mages?” and “What are we going to do about that ley line nexus?” In traditional Clave fashion, they solved one with the other. While the plans for the Wall were still being drawn up, a chunk of engineers and resources went south east towards the Nexus and constructed a town on the outskirts of the Nexus plain. Full citizenship, a house and free land were offered to anyone willing to settle there. Additionally, a small garrison was stationed there, once called (and still officially) the X-Squad, now known as the Hex-Squad, tasked with dealing with more supernatural and ‘weird’ events. The mages and psions jumped at the chance and settled there. Today, the area has about 1,000 people, mostly magically or psionically gifted, and a permanent garrison of 200 Hex-Squad military, plus another 50 ‘normal’ military rotated out every six months.

The town is mostly natural or environmentally friendly yurts, wigwams and log cabins, with the exception of X-Base, also known as ‘the Complex’, a sprawling two-story-aboveground set of buildings of stone and supersteel.

A number of service industries have also arisen in the area, including a group called ‘The Guild’ which specializes in having mercenaries run errands for the more scholastic mages who need some resource they can’t get on their own.

Nexustown has its own, Clave-approved governance called the Small Council, tasked with general maintenance of the town and area, including containing any rifts at the Nexus (with the help of the Hex-Squad). Understanding the town has to deal, often quickly, with more esoteric threats than usual, the Clave Council gives the Small Council a great deal of leeway in its operations, though their actions are still subject to charter law, as they are part of the Clave.


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