The Clave

Welcome to the Clave.

The Clave is a city founded some time back, either right after the Time of Rifts up through about one hundred years after that (200-ish years ago), depending on who you ask. The Clave claims its official age is 206 years old. Situated in the mountains near the new Pacific coast, it started as a last stand for a pre-Rift battalion of Canadian troops (an officially noted inconsistency with the Clave’s age) fleeing the Xiticix. Without contingency orders, the battalion was on the run and not in a particular direction so much as ‘away’. The battalion stumbled upon a small town originally settled in the Golden Age by an odd combination of isolationist spiritualist/technologists, almost the opposite of Luddites or the Amish. The military arrived while the town was under assault by other DBs. The battalion intervened, and as global society crumbled, found themselves integrating with the civilians.

The merger benefited both groups, as together they were able to hold off most outsiders. In the end, however, they were all pushed back, the city destroyed, with the fighters (nearly everyone at that point) covering a retreat into the mountains. As the dead piled up, the retreat continued until the trailblazers stumbled upon an ancient graveyard/burial ground centered around a huge cave-mouth, none of which appeared on their maps. Feeling it an appropriate place to make a final stand, they chose not to violate the graveyard and instead bunkered down to die. As they prepared to be overwhelmed by waves of demons and Xiticix (who were also fighting each other), a torrent of anthropomorphic animals, armed with ancient Oriental weaponry, swarmed out of the cave, and ignoring the humans, attacked the invaders. The Enclave who had been prepared to die at the hands of two armies was saved by a third.

The savior army turned out to be DBs from a large, near-permanent rift inside the graveyard’s cave complex. They came from what they call a ‘spirit realm’ they know as Yoshugoku. Highly organized, they had scouts investigating the other side of their rift, and upon seeing the humans unwilling to violate the graveyard for the presumably short-lived safety of the cave, respected them enough to save them. The results were an informal alliance and a trade agreement. On the Yoshugoku side are endless rice paddies in a place called ‘the Sunset Lands’ where the days are usually long and hot. On the Earth side is a land heavily invested in forest, a source of rare woods for the spirits. Given the damage unfettered access would bring (Yoshugoku spirits are MDC on Earth, and plenty (but not all) humans are the same in Yoshugoku), they agreed to limited access but lots of trade, and a mutual protection pact. And with that, the Clave was born.

Years have passed since, and neither side has had true cause to regret the pact. Both sides have thrived, and cultures have mingled. Sophisticates on both sides have influenced social interaction. High class and soldiers in the Clave bow in greeting, and a person’s word is often their honor, and to challenge it likely brings a duel. In Yoshugoku, friends shake hands (as they can), and they have adopted forms of laws relying more on evidence than testimony.

The Clave

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