Scalar (Project Strider Craft)


Scalar is the name of the special vehicles built for Project Strider. They are capable of flight, VTOL, surprisingly maneuverable in the air, and perhaps most importantly, rift generation.

When Maxwell attempted to explain about the craft’s tachyon projected quantum tunneling mechanics, Graves summed it up thusly, “It flies around and makes rifts.”.

There are two scalars known to exist at present time. The one that Maxwell J. Carter used to travel from earth’s past to present day was abandoned after being shot down during a battle between Coalition forces and Tokeen refugees. Its fate is unknown, but feared to be in Coalition hands.

The other was used by Col. “Lex” Luther Norway to follow Maxwell forward in time. Having arrived decades before Maxwell, Norway turned his scalar over to Clave custody for safe keeping. At some point after that, it went missing, and is believed stolen.


Maxwell’s Scalar just prior to its first and only mission flight


Vehicle Type: Air/VTOL Jet
Crew: One plus one passenger is possible
A.R.: 8
S.D.C. by Location:
Jet — 350 S.D.C
Wings — 350 S.D.C.
Main Body — 600 S.D.C.

Speed: 150mph cruising, 350mph (241,563 kmph) maximum
Range: 600 miles (960km)
Length: 20ft (6.1m)
Weight: 3 tons
Bonuses: +1 to dodge
Weapons Systems: None

Though it appears armed, the 4 structures projecting from the front of the craft are actually the tachyon projectors necessary for opening rifts. They are retractable and usually extended just before use.

The entire craft itself was rigorously reinforced to help protect it against the stresses of rift travel and the potential of hostile environments encountered on alien worlds.

The pilot’s compartment contains a generous amount of pre-rifts supplies gear to help the pilot if they should become stranded on the other side of a rift. If the supplies are mostly removed, a passenger could ride uncomfortably in that space.


Col. Norway’s scalar, last seen in secure Clave storage


The name “scalar” was chosen for its definition in physics, “a quantity that is independent of specific classes of coordinate systems”. Since the craft is capable of moving, via rifts, in a fashion that is independent of normal, 3-dimensional space, this seems an appropriate title for the vehicle.

Scalar (Project Strider Craft)

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